Kent Event Centre Detling Wedding Show



If there is one service in magic that I feel a privilege to carry out it is the performing of magic at a couples wedding or civil partnership.

It is always an honour to bear witness to, and help contribute in, the big and little moments throughout the day that go to make lasting memories and bonds for all the families and individuals involved. That is why I exhibit at wedding fairs.

On Saturday the 28th of January I was happy to be at: The Kent event centre, Detling, Kent with The Wedding Experience for their spring wedding show.

It seems to me that all the planning, window shopping and searching by couples for wedding suppliers and services is for the single reason to make the final ceremony, and party, as intimate and personal to them as possible. This seems at odds to the high pressure sales like atmosphere that can be evident generally at some shows or with some suppliers in particular.

That is why I choose my shows carefully and do not do too many whilst maintaining a necessary visibility. Tina Green and all the gang at The Wedding Experience seem to hit just the right balance………..that is why I exhibit with them.

If you are getting married and don’t know where to start you will be surprised how much a visit to one of her shows will benefit your planning.

If you take the plunge please look me up on the list of suppliers and come and say hello.

It would be great to meet you!