Lipscomb Volvo Car Launch

The Date….The 22nd February

The Place….Lipscomb Volvo Ayelsford

The Event….Volvo’s new SUV vehicle launch

The Reception….Magic!

The beauty of Magic, in the hands of a sensitive performer,  is that it is very good at entertaining people and yet does not encroach on the structure of an event, unless you want it too.

That is, people can be entertained without hijacking your event if the Magician is sympathetic to your needs.

Focus can be pulled and moved whilst still achieving the raison d’etre of the event.

Thus it was on Thursday the 22nd of February. I was on hand to entertain visitors waiting to get to see the insides of the new XC range of Volvo vehicles at Lipscomb Volvo in Ayelsford

 Forstal Rd, Maidstone.

I was there to entertain visitors without getting in their way of appreciating the new range.

If you have a product to launch or party to host or clients to entertain then give me a call, I would love to hear from you and happy to discuss YOUR needs.